PA 101: Welcome!

snphan | Sept. 29, 2021, 6:07 a.m.

Hey Japanese Language Learner! 👋

If you are here then it probably means that somewhere along your studies, you chanced upon Japanese Pitch Accents; contrary to popular belief, Japanese pronunciation is not as flat as people make it out to be. Our (JPAD’s) goal is to demystify Japanese Pitch Accents and provide you (the learner) with the tools you need to perfect your pitch accent. To that end, we have provided the Standard (標準語) Japanese Pitch Accent How-To guide that you are currently viewing.

Every page of the guide contains a quiz to test your understanding of the material. On another realm of the website, “Parser” will split any sentence you throw at it into its components and provide you with the pitch accents along with how JPAD arrived at the pitch accents. “Practice” allows you to test your pronunciation in real-time: turn on your mic, calibrate your vocal range, enter a sentence and have fun perfecting your pitch accent! This Pitch accent guide currently only supports Standard Japanese.

Dialects such as 関西弁 (Kansai Dialect) are a whole different beast and have their own pitch accent patterns (potentially coming soon). We hope you enjoy using the website and learning pitch accents with us! For now, let’s jump into the building blocks of Japanese Pitch Accents, the "moras" ▶